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NAGP to publish governance review recommendations

The review, commissioned by NAGP President Dr Maitiú Ó Tuathail four months ago, will be discussed at the NAGP’s extraordinary general meeting (EGM) on 20 December, in addition to its financial accounts.

Among the recommendations of the review, carried out by Ampersand Consulting, is that the NAGP creates a board of nine members.

The Association currently has a six-member Executive and a 22-member Council, a structure that makes it very difficult to achieve consensus and efficiency around decisions, Dr Ó Tuathail told the Medical Independent (MI).

Currently the Council has voting rights and has to achieve a majority vote on proposals, Dr Ó Tuathail explained.

“In order for the NAGP to be more efficient and to make decisions quicker I am anxious to get this governance review implemented as soon as possible. Achieving consensus with 22 people is difficult,” he said.

Dr Ó Tuathail did not reveal how much the review cost, but admitted it was “expensive”. However, he said such reviews were regarded as the “norm” among unions and were very worthwhile to conduct.

The review also recommends that the role of Chairperson be removed and subsumed into the role of President. Dr Ó Tuathail said a separate membership meeting would be required to enact these and other proposed organisational changes.

Earlier this year, a number of concerns arose within the Association around governance and six Council members, including former NAGP Vice President Dr Yvonne Williams, decided not to stay on as Council members.

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