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More than €46,000 paid to NTPF management over three years

The figures were paid to four members of the team over the period 2015-2017.

The staff members were: Ms Liz Lottering, Audit, Quality and Research Director; Mr David Allen, Director of Finance; Mr Brian Parsons, Information Technology Manager; and Ms Alison Green, Process Innovation Director.

Mr Allen and Mr Parsons have both subsequently left their posts.

The highest figure was paid to Mr Parsons, who received €18,382.71 over the three-year period.

Of this total, €12,330.54 related to ‘mileage’; €5,175.61 related to ‘subsistence’; and €876.56 related to ‘miscellaneous costs’ (tolls, taxis, receipts).

The next-highest figure was paid to Ms Lottering (€16,861.26); followed by Ms Green (€10,663.28); and Mr Allen (€978.69).

The breakdown of Ms Lottering’s expenses is as follows: €9,557.46 on ‘mileage’; €71.29 on ‘flights’; €6,635.63 on ‘subsistence’; and €596.88 on ‘miscellaneous costs’.

Ms Green received €391.50 for ‘telephone and data communications’; €71.88 for ‘stationary, equipment and all consumables’; €7,048.09 for ‘mileage’; €2,542.48 for ‘subsistence’; and €609.33 for ‘miscellaneous costs’.

Finally, Mr Allen received €565.08 for ‘telephone and data communication’; €343.17 for ‘mileage’; €55.14 for ‘subsistence’; and €15.30 for ‘miscellaneous costs’.

The highest amount in overall expenses related to 2016, when a total of €17,282.71 was paid out.

The figure for 2015 was €14,045.68, while the figure for 2017 was €15,557.05.

“The NTPF is a national organisation visiting hospitals and nursing homes across the entire country,” according to a spokesperson for the Fund.

“The Audit and Quality Assurance team are responsible for auditing the waiting lists of all public hospitals. The Quality Assurance team have a requirement to spend up to a week at a time in a public hospital and therefore the payment of subsistence is required. The NTPF complies fully with Department of Public Expenditure and Reform guidelines with regard to the payment of expenses.”

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