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Medical Council elects incoming President

Dr Suzanne Crowe has been elected by the members of the Council as the incoming President of the Medical Council to take on the role from 1 June 2021.

Speaking after her election, Dr Crowe said: “My vision for the Medical Council in the coming years is that the Council acts as a bridge between the public accessing health services and medical practitioners, a bridge which fosters a compassionate relationship between both sides – answering the needs of patients and supporting doctors, ultimately leading to improved patient safety and experience.

“In this turbulent time in healthcare, I plan to lead the Council to build on the important role we hold, one which has the potential to influence the experience of patients, the practice of doctors, and the delivery of healthcare in Ireland.

“We have a duty to present the lived experience of doctors who often work under tremendous stress and who may make mistakes or behave in a way which diminishes the profession. Respect for both the patient’s and the medical practitioner’s perspective is a core principle for the Council, which as a regulatory body we can strengthen.”

Dr Crowe continued: “The Medical Council, the medical profession and the patients of Ireland have been extremely fortunate to have had Dr Rita Doyle as President over the last three years.

“She has tirelessly championed collegiality and collaboration between the Council and stakeholders, and has been a passionate and fearless advocate for patients – work I know she will continue,” concluded Dr Crowe.

Dr Doyle stated: “As President of the Medical Council I have been constantly inspired by the dedication and passion of the members of this Medical Council. I am delighted that Dr Crowe has been elected as the incoming President.

“Suzanne has been a key member of the current Council, leading important work on ethical issues and guidance for the medical profession, particularly over the last year when the medical profession faced many challenges by Covid-19.

“As a paediatric intensivist, Suzanne’s care and compassion is ever present and I know she will lead the Council in protecting patients and supporting doctors.”

Mr Leo Kearns, CEO of the Medical Council, added: “I look forward to working with Dr Crowe in her role as President of the Council.”

“Trust is at the heart of the unique contact between doctor and patient, and it is here that the Medical Council plays such a critical and fundamental role. In such challenging times, it is essential that the Council retains the confidence of the public and the profession; and that it effectively implements opportunities for change.

“Under the leadership of Dr Crowe I know the Council will continue to meet these aims, continue to grow and meet our statutory remit,” concluded Mr Kearns.

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