Growing gastro expertise

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Ahead of the Irish Society of Gastroenterology (ISG) Summer Meeting in Galway this week, David Lynch talks to ISG President Prof Padraic MacMathúna to discuss a very interesting schedule

The brains of the operation

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Paul Mulholland speaks to Prof Tim Lynch about the new HSE model of care for neurology and his thoughts on improvements in the field in recent years and remaining gaps

Improving quality of life in schizophrenia

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Prof Dieter Naber, Lead Investigator in the QUALIFY study, tells the Medical Independent that quality of life considerations must feature in psychiatrists’ care planning and decision-making

The medicinal return of St John’s wort to Ireland

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Paul Mulholland talks to consultant psychiatrist Prof Patricia Casey about the licensing of St John’s wort as a prescription-only medicine in Ireland

Ushering in a new era of hepatitis C care

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Paul Mulholland speaks to consultants Dr Eoin Feeney and Dr John Lambert about the roll-out of the new treatment programme for patients in Ireland with hepatitis C

Bringing it all together in cardiovascular care

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Paul Mulholland speaks to Irish Cardiac Society President Prof Ken McDonald about the Society’s upcoming Annual Scientific Meeting and AGM

The return to life as ‘citizen’ Kane

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Priscilla Lynch speaks to outgoing Irish Society of Rheumatology (ISR) President Prof David Kane about his achievements in the role and the programme for upcoming ISR 2015 Autumn Meeting

Making major strokes ‘a thing of the past’ in Ireland

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Speaking exclusively to the Medical Independent at the ESC Congress 2015 in London, Dr Ronan Collins explains to Pat Kelly how pulse-checking is an inferior form of AF detection and that Ireland desperately needs a structured screening service

The road to HCV elimination

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Priscilla Lynch speaks to Prof Jeffrey V Lazarus about the treatment progress in treating HIV and the very real possibility of hepatitis C elimination

Putting neurology in the spotlight

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Irish Neurological Association 51st Annual Meeting
28-29 May 2015, NUI Galway

President of the Irish Neurological Association Dr Timothy Counihan spoke to Priscilla Lynch about the 2015 INA Annual Meeting and the work of the Association

The need to treat the patient and not just the disease

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Priscilla Lynch speaks to President of the World Hepatitis Alliance, Mr Charles Gore, about how doctors can better diagnose and be aware of hepatitis C

Growing focus on QoL in schizophrenia patients

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Clinicians are becoming increasingly aware that quality of life is a vital aspect of treatment for patients with schizophrenia

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