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IMO vote on GP deal due before end of May

The IMO has issued a ballot to members on whether or not they wish to enter into an agreement with the State on the new €210 million GP deal. 

The ballot was released on 9 May and all votes are due to be returned to the IMO no later than 22 May. 

After this date all votes will be counted directly and members accept the agreement the IMO will sign up to the deal.

After this occurs the HSE will begin the process of issuing a number of circulars to individual members, the first of which will relate to the reversal of FEMPI, due to commence on 1 July.

Based on the overall positive reaction to the deal to date, it is expected it will be accepted by IMO members. 

The deal is seen as the first step in negotiating a new GP contract, with changes still sought in areas including out-of-hours, nursing home services and women’s health. 

While it will be a matter for each individual GP to decide whether or not to sign up to the deal, with includes new chronic disease measures, the IMO believes the agreement will help to improve the viability of Irish general practice. 

A number of information meetings with GP members have been held to date on the deal and a meeting for non-IMO members is planned to take place in Liffey Valley, Dublin on 15 May. 

The meeting has been facilitated by the IMO following criticism by many non-IMO members at the lack of detail being made available to them on the proposed agreement. 

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