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HIQA board approve information governance strategy

The Information Governance Strategy 2017-2020 is intended to underpin the objectives set out in HIQA’s corporate plan 2016-2018.

The purpose of the strategy is to develop HIQA’s information management environment so that HIQA is compliant with all legal requirements and to optimise the use of information while ensuring the appropriate stewardship of all data.

“The board noted that there was a significant amount of work involved to implement the strategy and questioned if there are sufficient resources to ensure the delivery of the strategy,” according to minutes of the Authority’s board meeting for July.

“It was clarified that there is an action plan in place for 2017, which includes timescales and accountabilities and therefore further work plans will be developed for future years. The Resource Oversight Committee of the board will receive reports on implementation of the action plans.”

Finally, the board welcomed the information governance strategy as an “important step” forward to preparing for compliance with new legislative requirements due to commence in 2018.

It was also noted during the meeting that HIQA was marginally over-budget.

“A re-forecast to bring the budget back inline was presented to the Resource Oversight Committee,” according to the minutes.

The board was assured that actions were being taken to ensure the Authority remained within budget.

Regarding HIQA’s business plan, it was stated 87 per cent of objectives are either complete or on target to be completed.

A total of eight objectives were not on target and reasons for the deviation were provided together with a plan to bring them to fruition.

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