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Extended role for Beaumont CEO who also heads Hospital Group

The contractual arrangements for Beaumont Hospital CEO Mr Ian Carter, who is also head of the RCSI Hospitals Group, have been extended until the end of 2020.

In a statement to the Medical Independent (MI), Mr Carter outlined that he was initially appointed to head Beaumont from June 2016 to September 2018.

“In September 2018, the Beaumont Hospital board reviewed these arrangements and confirmed satisfaction with resultant performance and accordingly, sought again from the HSE to extend these provisions until the end of 2020. The HSE confirmed agreement to these arrangements and contracted provisions were accordingly extended until 2020.”

As previously reported by MI, Mr Carter was appointed as Beaumont’s interim CEO in June 2016, arising from the early retirement of the previous incumbent. This appointment was made on foot of pressure from the HSE, which doubted that a recruitment campaign for the salary of €121,000 would be successful.  Mr Carter took up the post for no extra pay and with at least a 60 per cent time commitment, MI was informed at the time.

The previous board at Beaumont was initially reluctant to accept the interim appointment, citing the fact that Mr Carter was CEO of the Hospital Group that includes Beaumont, which raised potential conflict of interest issues.

However, in a letter in September 2017, current board Chairperson Mr Enda Connolly informed the then HSE Director General Mr Tony O’Brien that “over the past year, there has been considerable performance improvement and the board wishes to expressly state its full confidence in Mr Carter’s continued leadership in this regard”.

Asked if the Hospital Group CEO salary alone (€151,857) applied to Mr Carter, a spokesperson for RCSI Hospitals Group told MI: “The current Hospital Group CEO/CEO Beaumont Hospital continues on this salary, as agreed by the Department of Health and the HSE, in line with national pay scales — there is no additional payment arising from the undertaking of both roles.”

Beaumont’s CEO is directly accountable to the hospital’s board, they added. 

“The Beaumont Hospital CEO gives account for Beaumont Hospital activities and performances to the National Director of Acute Operations directly.”

Recent media reports have suggested that the current Hospital Group structure will be dismantled.

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