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European Tobacco Products Directive signed into Irish law

Minister Harris said the measures would further complement the tobacco control initiatives already in place and help to drive down consumption of tobacco and protect public health.

He added: “In the area of tobacco control, I am delighted to hear that the UK government has successfully defended their standardised packaging legislation in the courts. I look forward to progressing our standardised packaging regulations in the near future”.

The tobacco products regulations provide for more stringent rules for tobacco and related products, with the aim of limiting their appeal for young people in particular. The regulations include measures for labelling, ingredients, tracking and tracing, cross-border distance sales and the regulation of electronic cigarettes, refill containers, herbal products for smoking and novel tobacco products.

The regulations include the following measures:

•A ban on cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco with characterising flavours such as fruit flavours, menthol or vanilla;

•A ban on tobacco products containing certain additives;

•A ban on any misleading labelling (such as “natural” or “organic”);

•Increased size for combined health warnings and a requirement to place them on the front and back of the product;

•Additional reporting requirements for tobacco products;

•Notification requirements for electronic cigarettes, refill containers, herbal and novel tobacco products;

•Registration requirement for cross-border distance sales of tobacco products, electronic cigarettes or refill containers;

•Introduction of a tracking and tracing system;

•Regulation of electronic cigarettes and refill containers;

•Stricter rules on advertising/sponsorship for electronic cigarettes and refill containers;

•Mandatory safety and quality requirements for electronic cigarettes and refill containers.

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