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Dr Anthony 0' Connor

Stand up and fight

By sa | Nov 15, 2016 | Comments Off on Stand up and fight

Dr Anthony O’Connor wonders if the bravery shown against the shameful apartheid regime can be replicated in medicine

Not so easy

By sa | Nov 3, 2016 |

As D-Day in the US Presidential election race approaches, Dr Anthony O’Connor ponders the ‘People Who Insist There are Easy Solutions to Things’

The right to know

By sa | Oct 24, 2016 |

Ireland continues to deny adopted people the right to know who they are, writes Dr Anthony O’Connor

Get the facts straight

By sa | Oct 17, 2016 |

Recent serious allegations against a healthcare worker have been completely unjustifiably used to ‘doctor-bash’ by some of the national media, writes Dr Anthony O’Connor

Leave them off

By sa | Oct 5, 2016 |

What is it about Corkness that has enabled major changes in the city’s hospital services with little fuss, ponders Dr Anthony O’Connor

Time to do things differently

By sa | Sep 26, 2016 |

Why do we persist in making it harder for hospital doctors and nurses to do their jobs when some common-sense changes would make a big difference, asks Dr Anthony O’Connor

Rise of the doctorbots

By sa | Sep 14, 2016 |

The lack of diversity within medicine in this part of the world is disconcerting, writes Dr Anthony O’Connor

Yes, we can

By sa | Sep 5, 2016 |

After working in the US and UK, Dr Anthony O’Connor now realises that we are pretty good at many things ourselves and can fix our health system on our own terms

Olympic dreams

By sa | Aug 24, 2016 |

We love sport most when it reflects our better selves but more often than not we have to take it as we find it, in all its ugliness and imperfection, writes Dr Anthony O’Connor

See no evil, hear no evil?

By sa | Aug 10, 2016 |

Dr Anthony O’Connor asks hard questions about the role of the Medical Council, the RCSI and the RCPI in Bahrain

Brexit in retrospect

By sa | Jul 20, 2016 |

It will take time to put the full consequences of Brexit into perspective, writes Dr Anthony O’Connor

Still Dad

By sa | Jul 6, 2016 |

Dr Anthony O’Connor on the cruel reality of dealing with his father’s Alzheimer’s

Faecal matters

By sa | Jun 22, 2016 |

Dr Anthony O’Connor reflects on the ‘ins and outs’ of a career in gastroenterology

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