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Pharma pays over €8m to healthcare organisations

By Catherine Reilly | February 3, 2020

Healthcare organisations, including hospitals, were provided with over €8 million in funding by the pharmaceutical industry in 2018, according to figures compiled by the Medical Independent. The payments are listed on the pharmaceutical company pages within the transfer of value (ToV) register, which was established by the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA).…

Outgoing Health Minister accepts hospital overcrowding ‘unacceptable’

IMO to launch major campaign on illegal hours

Concerns mount over viability of OOH GP services

HSE CEO informed of serious nursing home issues

A Decade of the Mindo


Are out-of-hours GP co-op services still viable?

The GP out-of-hours service is in crisis and at risk of imploding, GPs have warned. Niamh Cahill examines the problems facing the service and hears the views of GPs and service managers

HIQA concerned about ‘sustainability’ of smaller maternity units

Feb 10, 2020

Programme launched to increase access to anaesthesia for surgical patients in Africa

Feb 6, 2020

Election 2020: The health of the nation

Feb 4, 2020

What you need to know about CAR T-cell therapy

Jan 21, 2020


Dr Gabrielle Colleran

Seize the day and send a clear message


Dr Sarah Fitzgibbon

The hidden costs of 'free' education


Dr Muiris Houston

The joy of four

Gout in the 21st century

By Dr Sharon Cowley, Prof Geraldine McCarthy

Osteoporosis: Risk factors, diagnosis, and treatment

By Cíara Gavin, MPSI

Managing psoriatic arthritis during Covid-19

By Dr Barry J Sheane

Gout in the 21st century

By Dr Sharon Cowley, Prof Geraldine McCarthy


Same-same, but different

The Ford Mondeo has been around for almost 30 years and now the American marque has given the stalwart family saloon a contemporary hybrid engine to appeal to the surge in customer demand for electrically assisted cars Though late to the game, Ford’s Mondeo Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) estate offers an alternative for a motorist…


Reducing your carbohydrate intake is not a ‘diet’, but a serious readjustment in how you think about eating It may seem an odd thing for a restaurant critic to do, but I have embraced a low-carbohydrate diet. It happened gradually and I was inspired by my wife, who adopted this approach to eating several years…

Irish Thoracic Society Annual Scientific Meeting 2019


RCPI St Luke’s Advanced Masterclass

Fear and loathing in the current climate


Let me preface this by saying climate change is an issue to be taken very seriously and we all must do our bit. Long gone are the days when everything went into the ‘grey bin’ — glass, food, plastics, dead goldfish whom the kids were told had ‘gone to heaven’, and so on. But in…

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