Can Supplements Delay Ageing?

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  • UCD, The Cedar & Cypress Suite
  • Thursday, 20th October
  • Ageing
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Come and meet Dr Urban Alehagen, Professor in Cardiology, the scientist behind the groundbreaking Kisel-10 study. Kisel- 10 greatly enriched our knowledge on inflammation, oxidative stress, quality of life and longevity.

During the first phase of the Kisel 10 study and the follow up analysis done in year 10 and 12, researchers collected and analysed 50,000 blood samples. These offered solid information on the impact that Selenium & Q10 had at a cellular level, and showed beyond doubt there is a significant difference in the microRNA and telomeres of older adults who take these nutrients. The results are so distinct and comprehensive that they have inspired another 20 sub-studies! Nutrition research rarely shows such robust results when dealing with physical wellbeing, making Kisel-10 conclusions all the more exciting! 

About Dr Urban Alehagen Dr Urban Alehagen is a Professor in Cardiology at the Linköping University, Sweden. As a specialist in internal medicine, cardiology and odontology, Prof Alehagen is the main researcher in the prominent Kisel-10 study. 

The event is free but places are limited so please register on If you need assistance email or call 01 8991 650. 

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