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CJD protocols consultation process underway

This protocol guides on the follow-up required following a report of a newly diagnosed or suspected case of CJD/vCJD; a person at increased risk of CJD/vCJD; and an invasive procedure carried out on a patient with CJD/vCJD or at increased risk of CJD/vCJD, where TSE infection control guidelines were not followed. The document is based on current UK guidance.

According to the HPSC, universal assessment of CJD/vCJD risk for all patients about to undergo an invasive procedure is not recommended due to the lower population risk of vCJD in Ireland compared to the UK.

However, all patients about to undergo a neurosurgical procedure (including spinal and neuro-endoscopy procedures) or an ophthalmological procedure likely to involve contact with tissues of potentially high levels of TSE infectivity should have their CJD/vCJD risk assessed and documented as part of the routine pre-operative assessment process.

The HPSC is inviting comments and suggestions on any aspect of its document including content and layout, etc. The consultation proforma is available on the HPSC website. The final date for submission of comments is 3 February.

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