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The roots of medicinal cannabis use

A round-up of news and oddities from left field by Dr Doug Witherspoon In years gone by, the suggestion of using cannabis for medicinal purposes would have raised a lot more eyebrows that it does today. Likewise, CBD has blossomed into an industry in itself, so perhaps it’s apt to now take a look over…

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Lockdown 2.0 — could the ‘cure’ prove to be worse than the disease?

When discussing the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, it has become obligatory to add the phrase ‘at time of writing’. This is done in the full knowledge that what is written in the current context now may be a historical footnote in two weeks’ time. And so, ‘at the time of writing’, the rates of infection are still…

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An indispensible companion

that takes the pressure off At the time of writing, there is much hand-wringing and number-crunching as committees, sub-committees and specialist subgroups are formed to determine when lockdown should be fully lifted. The negative psychological aspects of self-isolation have been widely reported and this is no doubt on the minds of the policy-makers who will…

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Freedom of speech — to a point

With everything that has been going on with you-know-what, we could be forgiven for shrugging when World Press Freedom Day came and passed on 3 May. A minor landmark but perhaps one that should rank a little higher on the list of days dedicated to esoteric topics such as ‘National Popcorn Day’ and ‘National Thesaurus…

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Fact vs fiction: Disappearing down the Covid-19 rabbit hole

Whatever the eventual consequences of Covid-19 may be, it has brought to light some interesting developments in medical-governmental-industry collaboration. It has also provided sometimes ridiculous, sometimes troubling, insights into human nature in times of crisis. In addition, it has spawned some controversial theories regarding the origins of the virus. Therefore, in keeping with the tradition…

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