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Food that is difficult to resist

Tom Doorley on the benefits of resistant starch The sense of wellbeing induced by carrying a basket of fresh produce from the garden into the kitchen the other day was a reward for all the hard work during the darker, colder days of the year. And while we eat with both our eyes and our…

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How to eat healthy during lockdown

Dr Aseem Malhotra is a London-based cardiologist and I’ve been following him on Twitter for quite a while now, as he is interesting on diet and health. In recent weeks he has been talking about how obesity can affect people unlucky enough to contract Covid-19. He has been doing so by way of that scourge…

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How can we boost the body’s defences during these challenging times?

There are many false claims about how to improve your immune system and sifting through the evidence can be bewildering. A lot of things have fallen by the wayside since we found ourselves in the present global predicament. However, they don’t include humanity’s urge to talk complete cobblers about important issues, not least health. You…

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The art of artichokes

Artichokes have an august reputation, despite their digestive after-effects  braved the elements last weekend to give the artichokes a good mulch of well-rotted manure in time for the spring that is so far proving elusive. I’m hoping this tender care will result in a bumper crop as it’s one of our favourite vegetables. Not only…

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