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Day-to-day banking: What are the options?

Mr Paul Redmond outlines how customers can respond to recent changes in the banking market In February 2021, the announcement came that Ulster Bank, a popular high street bank, with branches in every town and city in Ireland and Northern Ireland, had decided to exit the Irish market. Following on from that in early March,…

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Am I too young to be thinking about a pension?

Many GPs are in their mid-to-late-20s before they complete their training and receive a salary to reflect the position. With this long-awaited salary comes other life decisions, such as buying their own home and starting a family. Many feel this is too early to begin to plan for retirement and will park that decision for…

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Personal financial masterplan: What age is too early?

Talking with your financial advisor and consulting financial planning tools can be very helpful in planning for your retirement, writes Mr Paul Redmond If 2020 has taught us anything following the pandemic, which has engulfed the glove, it is that we do not know what is destined for us down the tracks.Who would ever have…

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How to ease the financial pressure brought by the pandemic

Mr Paul Redmond outlines the financial support options available to GPs during the Covid-19 crisis Covid-19 has affected all sectors of our lives. In particular, our economy and our financial lives have been impacted severely, with those within our public health service and our GP practices now on the frontline tackling the crisis. Many busy…

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Advice for GPs in making their income tax return

Mr Paul Redmond writes that it is important for GPs to make preparations for filing their income tax return as early as possible Some of the comments we hear from GPs as they begin another year of accounts are as follows: Cash flow monitoring. Management of the practice. Working longer hours, plus the burden of…

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