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Fact vs fiction: Disappearing down the Covid-19 rabbit hole

Whatever the eventual consequences of Covid-19 may be, it has brought to light some interesting developments in medical-governmental-industry collaboration. It has also provided sometimes ridiculous, sometimes troubling, insights into human nature in times of crisis. In addition, it has spawned some controversial theories regarding the origins of the virus. Therefore, in keeping with the tradition…

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Mercedes mid-price crossover

Morgan Flanagan Creagh delivers his verdict on the Mercedes-Benz GLA It’s May and many of you have been fighting this virus full-time for more than three months. Thank you for your continuing work saving lives throughout Ireland, and the world. We’re all hoping to see a return to normality sooner rather than later; but in…

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How to eat healthy during lockdown

Dr Aseem Malhotra is a London-based cardiologist and I’ve been following him on Twitter for quite a while now, as he is interesting on diet and health. In recent weeks he has been talking about how obesity can affect people unlucky enough to contract Covid-19. He has been doing so by way of that scourge…

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A captured audience

Morgan Flanagan Creagh reviews the Renault Captur Here we are with another motoring review, at a time when doctors are trying to save the world. Apologies if this makes you cringe, like those hearty salutes given to oil mining astronauts in Michael Bay films, but thank you all for your continuing hard work on the…

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