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Why this doctor dreamed of an electric car

Buying an electric car was my pledge to a brighter, greener, future So I gave in and bought an electric car. I had given the matter an uncharacteristic amount of thought, and I had needed to buy a car anyway, so why the blazes not. And as I have not spent a night away from…

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When chickens come home to roost

The pandemic has led to thoughts on how we treat our poultry When I saw the local paper open on the kitchen table  at a page looking for volunteers to rescue hens, I knew it had already been decided. I had heard Pauline McLynn on the radio and I knew that many thousands of farmed…

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‘Them and us’ and the parish-pump politicians

The so-called urban/rural divide is nothing but fodder for populist politicians I am not sure if the term ‘Rural Ireland’ is doing anybody any favours. There are rural matters, of course, and rural medicine and even rustic gates but I think the term ‘Rural Ireland’ has outlived any usefulness it ever had. It is now…

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A Christmas visitation

A doctor never forgets their ‘long case’ “You had better go before the roads get too bad. It’s a dirty night for Christmas Eve”. “I will so. I have a few last things to get in town. Don’t stay too late.” “Just a bit of paperwork.” “Ah, leave it for once. I’ll see you in…

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