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Covid-19: Death certification and other procedural changes

Dr James Lucas, Medico-legal Consultant at the Medical Protection Society (MPS), outlines the implications of Covid-19 for death certification At MPS, we appreciate that doctors are grappling with a complex web of Covid-19-related guidance that is being issued by Government agencies, professional bodies and other organisations. At the same time, many doctors are under considerable…

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Medico-legal dilemmas associated with Covid-19

Dr Rob Hendry, Medical Director at the Medical Protection Society, advises on some medico-legal dilemmas faced by healthcare professionals managing Covid-19 in Ireland Question 1 I am having to do increasingly more remote consultations – is there any advice and how does this affect my indemnity? We understand that in the current situation doctors may…

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The Coroners (Amendment) Act 2019 – new obligations for medical practitioners

Mr Liam Heffernan, Legal Counsel, Medisec, outlines how the new coroners legislation will affect doctors The Coroners (Amendment) Act 2019 (the ‘Act’) significantly enhances and modernises the powers available to coroners in the reporting, investigation and inquest into an increased range of reportable deaths. Medical practitioners should be aware of the changes brought about by…

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