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The not-so-lost art of innovation

The positive response to the pandemic has shown that the health service is more adaptive than I believed In my last column, written in the ‘before times’ of February 2020, I railed against the inertia of the Irish health service, how nothing ever changed or innovated because it never had to. In the background of…

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Does your hospital have a case of TTWTADH?

hen you’re on the NCHD merry-go-round of changing hospitals every few months, you start to quickly notice the particular culture of a place and what characteristics make a hospital an easy place to settle into and work in and conversely, what characteristics lead to others having, shall we say, less-favourable reputations. Sure, most hospitals are…

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Opening the lines of communication

Interns need to receive greater exposure to general practice during their training  recently saw an interesting discussion on Twitter, which I thought raised valuable points about the interactions between GPs and hospital doctors. Several GPs were commenting on how they were becoming increasingly frustrated by being sent demands from hospital junior doctors on discharge letters…

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How to make the changeover a little easier

The NCHD changeover in July can be a time of significant emotional stress I’ve written before about the practical challenges that come with the annual mass changeover of NCHDs every July: The financial pain of emergency tax, the delays in getting contracts and call rotas, the vast expense and inconvenience of moving across the country.…

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Young doctors are tired of being tired

HSE and hospital management should recognise the detrimental effects night shifts can have on healthcare workers and allow staff working outside 9-to-5 to get adequate rest, according to Dr Neasa Conneally  As doctors in training, conversation among my friends and I always inevitably turns towards the long hours we’re working and the particular pains of…

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Meeting our patients eye-to-eye

Dr Neasa Conneally recounts a patient interaction from medical school that still sticks with her One of the great benefits of the GP training scheme is that the weekly teaching time is very protected in a way that teaching in other schemes often is not. As well as clinical cases and research, at least half…

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