Dr Neasa Conneally

How to make the changeover a little easier

The NCHD changeover in July can be a time of significant emotional stress I’ve written before about the practical challenges that come with the annual mass changeover of NCHDs every July: The financial pain of emergency tax, the delays in getting contracts and call rotas, the vast expense and inconvenience of moving across the country.…

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Young doctors are tired of being tired

HSE and hospital management should recognise the detrimental effects night shifts can have on healthcare workers and allow staff working outside 9-to-5 to get adequate rest, according to Dr Neasa Conneally  As doctors in training, conversation among my friends and I always inevitably turns towards the long hours we’re working and the particular pains of…

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Meeting our patients eye-to-eye

Dr Neasa Conneally recounts a patient interaction from medical school that still sticks with her One of the great benefits of the GP training scheme is that the weekly teaching time is very protected in a way that teaching in other schemes often is not. As well as clinical cases and research, at least half…

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