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The value of compassion in dark times

The parallels between the AIDS epidemic and the current crisis are stronger than you might think I recently finished watching It’s a Sin, Russell T Davies’ moving drama set during the early years of the AIDS epidemic in London. It follows four young gay men, late teens only, over the course of a decade from…

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A better quality of fear

The pandemic has given me a new perspective on empathy Doctors often grapple best with danger that is clear and present. Broken hips, lung cancers and clogged coronaries are all worthy adversaries. For many of us though, lower-back pain, depression and conversion disorders are not. We tend to be least comfortable with threats whose physical…

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Not all good doctors are natural researchers

A thoughtful postgraduate training system would recognise the diversity in our talents and not just focus on research A school teacher of mine, who was consistently interesting if not always sweet, made much of his fondness for excellence. It was, he reminded us, when standards ever so slightly dipped — not an act, but a…

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The woes of wellness

The wellbeing of healthcare staff depends upon  greater resources for services, not more wellness programmes What is our health service’s most unwelcome import from the world of business? Ponder it a little because there are some strong candidates out there. There is the use of ‘revert’ instead of ‘reply’ in emails, which can grey blameless…

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The certainty of ambiguity

In wake of the Ruth Morrissey case judgment in the High Court, Dr Michael Conroy argues the Government needs to accept that uncertainty is part of medical life A book called The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time was a little treasure of my teenage years. It’s a murder-mystery told from the perspective…

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In pursuit of a life beyond medicine

If we wish to peak professionally, we need a matching valley for life outside of work, writes Dr Michael Conroy I wanted to start with a question. It’s one that niggles and nags at me, one I’ve started putting to other doctors when the conversation flags. Imagine you have a first date tomorrow. First impressions…

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