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Case Sudies

Paediatric vesicoureteral reflux

By sa | May 30, 2016 |

The latest diagnostic and treatment approaches to vesicoureteral reflux in children

Treating and diagnosing hepatitis E

By sa | May 19, 2016 |

An overview of the epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis E

Community care and hepatitis C

By sa | May 19, 2016 |

Overview of a community based hepatitis C ‘integrated care’ treatment partnership in Dublin

Depression and sexual dysfunction

By sa | May 10, 2016 |

A holistic approach to mild depression and sexual dysfunction

Overview of late-life depression

By sa | May 10, 2016 |

The presentation and management of late-life depression

Depression in young adults

By sa | May 10, 2016 |

How the presentation and management of low mood and depression in late adolescence and early adulthood differs from the other stages of life

Depression in the medically unwell

By sa | May 10, 2016 |

How to recognise and treat depression in patients who are medically unwell

The rise of keratoprosthesis

By sa | Apr 28, 2016 |

Restoring vision with the artificial cornea

The latest treatment approaches to age-related macular degeneration

By sa | Apr 28, 2016 |

An update on the latest management strategies for AMD

Orbital pathology in focus

By sa | Apr 28, 2016 |

A case study of unilateral proptosis typifying the variety in orbital pathology

Poor notes, fatal consequences

By sa | Apr 14, 2016 |

The following case report highlights the importance of record keeping and timely investigations

Treating childhood anaemia

By sa | Apr 14, 2016 |

A case study of an anaemic child and the diagnostic and management considerations involved

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