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Beaumont keen to progress CEO position talks

Currently, the hospital has in place an unusual arrangement with its interim CEO Mr Ian Carter, also the CEO of the RCSI Hospitals Group. With the agreement of the HSE, Mr Carter’s term was recently extended for a year.

On 28 September last, in correspondence to the HSE Director General Mr Tony O’Brien, the hospital’s Chairperson Mr Enda Connolly wrote that “over the past year, there has been considerable performance improvement and the board wishes to expressly state its full confidence in Mr Carter’s continued leadership in this regard”.

However, he also wrote that the board was conscious that “this continues to be a short-term interim arrangement which it feels is not in the best long-term interest of the hospital, nor is it a satisfactory situation for Mr Carter”.

The board “decided that we should commence immediate discussions with the parties concerned to put in place a longer term arrangement which is mutually acceptable as soon as possible”.

Mr Connolly sought agreement to proceed with these discussions. The Chairperson’s letter also stated that the board noted “there had been no change, nor was any foreseen, in achieving a realistic rate of pay for the position of CEO of Beaumont”.

As previously reported by MI, Mr Carter was appointed as Beaumont’s interim CEO in June 2016, arising from the early retirement of the previous CEO. This appointment was made on foot of pressure from the HSE, which doubted that a recruitment campaign for the salary of €121,000 would be successful. Mr Carter took up the post for no extra pay and with at least a 60 per cent time commitment, MI was informed.

The previous board at Beaumont was initially reluctant to accept the interim appointment, citing the fact that Mr Carter was CEO of the Hospital Group that includes Beaumont, which raised potential conflict of interest issues.

A spokesperson for RCSI Hospitals said: “The current Hospital Group CEO continues on the salary agreed by the Department of Health and the HSE, in line with national pay scales. The current holder of the post does not receive additional financial compensation for undertaking the role of CEO at Beaumont Hospital…. The current arrangements regarding the hospital CEO will continue until 2018.”

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