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Beaumont expended €1.34 million without engaging in a competitive process

The hospital’s board commenced a project in 2015 to examine all expenditure and ensure relevant goods and services had been procured by way of a competitive tendering process, where required, stated the document. 

In 2016, the board “continued to conduct tendering processes to meet compliance requirements”, monitoring progress through the finance committee’s monthly review of progress on the percentage of total expenditure that is compliant and the steps being taken to address non-compliance.

“The level and complexity of the business has necessitated the continuation of a number of non-compliant contracts for 2016. Procurement processes are focused on preventing new non-compliant contracts from commencing and tendering existing contracts on a phased basis.”

During the course of the audit, expenditure of €1.34 million was identified as non-compliant, according to the statement. It added that, where possible, the contracts identified have been addressed in 2017 and procurement compliance remains “a key focus” for the board.

The financial statements also make reference to a review in 2014 by way of internal and external audit of allowances paid by the hospital, which “noted a number of instances where allowances were deemed unapproved by the HSE”.

Twenty allowances totalling €132,485 relate to staff that have contractual entitlement to the allowance, according to the statement. A further four on-call and standby allowances relate to transplant co-ordinators, pharmacists, technical services staff and a St Joseph’s staff member. All were notified to the HSE in 2013 and a business case submitted, stated the document.

“The hospital is waiting for a response from the HSE on these allowances and they continue to be paid. One allowance relating to a senior manager was notified to the HSE in 2014 and a business case was submitted. This allowance continues to be paid as the hospital awaits final clarification by the HSE,” according to the document.

No comment had been received from Beaumont or the HSE by press time.

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