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‘Appalling’ GP co-op treatment centre

Members at the recent NEDOC AGM were  informed that the HSE has proposed an imminent move to the outpatients department (OPD) at Our Lady’s Hospital, Navan.

The co-op’s board has accepted the proposal from the HSE to relocate NEDOC on an interim basis until the new Navan primary care centre is complete, which will house NEDOC. 

The development comes following several failed attempts  by the HSE to find a new centre in recent years. In February this year a modular building was due to be put in place at the site of the current treatment centre on the grounds of Our Lady’s Hospital, but due to costs coming in at two to three times what were anticipated for the build, the plan did not go head.

According to Ms Arlene Fitzsimons, Operations Manager at NEDOC, the current portacabin, which was put in place temporarily 17 years, ago is in an “appalling” condition.

She said the proposed new OPD location presents many advantages for NEDOC’s services.

“The board addressed the continuing dialogue on the downgrading/closure of Navan emergency department (ED) and are mindful of instructions from previous AGMs that NEDOC will remain on the site of the hospital as long as we are co-located with a full service ED, and in the event of a change to the ED, the service will move off-site.

The HSE were advised that this remains the position of GPs in Meath and of the board,” Ms Fitzsimons said.

The HSE proposes that the relocation of NEDOC will be complete by 27 November 2017.

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