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75 sperm orders delivered to Irish homes by Danish clinic in 2014/2015

The 20 orders in 2015 comprised of nine orders of anonymously-donated sperm and 11 of non-anonymously donated sperm. In 2014, there were 55 orders of which 20 were anonymous donors and 35 were non-anonymous.

Mr Ole Schou, CEO of the Denmark-based clinic, said that as people in Ireland currently have access via Irish clinics to sperm donated anonymously and non-anonymously, they may not be inclined to home inseminate.

Heterosexual couples usually opt for anonymously-donated sperm, whereas single women and same-sex female couples tend to choose non-anonymously donated sperm.

However, Irish legal provisions that have not yet commenced stipulate that donated gametes used in donor-assisted human reproduction (DAHR) procedures in Ireland must have been donated non-anonymously. The provisions in the Children and Family Relationships Act 2015 would apply to DAHR procedures conducted in DAHR facilities and do not encapsulate home insemination, MI understands.

In countries where use of anonymously-donated gametes was banned, people often went abroad, said Mr Schou. Others turned to the “grey market”, whereby unauthorised persons offered their “services”, he warned.

Cryos is licensed under the EU Tissue Directive and screens donors for a range of infectious and hereditary diseases, he outlined.

The Department of Health says the law reflects a growing international consensus on the right to know one’s genetic identity.

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