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20 doctors have conditions attached on registration

As of 27 June, two of the 20 listed doctors were no longer on the medical register, according to MI’s cross-check of details supplied by the Council. Of the remaining 18 doctors, some 11 had general registration. Two doctors were registered in the specialty of general practice, one was registered in obstetrics/gynaecology, one was jointly registered in respiratory medicine and general internal medicine, and one in anaesthesia.

Two doctors were in recognised training posts — one was registered as a trainee in child and adolescent psychiatry, and one was an intern, and both registrations had health-related conditions only.

In total, ‘health-related conditions’ applied to the registration of seven doctors, either solely or with further conditions.

Conditions on doctors’ registration generally require professional development plans, mentoring relationships approved by the Council, or fulfilment of certain courses, with practice restrictions imposed on some doctors.

A doctor with an address in Co Kildare was required to formulate a professional development plan to address, among other issues, their practice in prescribing benzodiazepines.

Another doctor, with an address in Co Dublin, was required to develop a professional development plan and must not carry out childhood immunisations unless directly supervised by an appropriate person acceptable to the Council.

A Cork-registered doctor must not prescribe any drugs, with one facet of practice exempted, and his medical practice is confined to two service areas. He must provide evidence of compliance with the conditions.

Conditions attached to the registration of another doctor, with an address in Co Louth, include undertaking an alcohol awareness programme and completing a programme in medical ethics. He must meet a nominated person acceptable to the Council to discuss progress.

There are no time lines disclosed on health-related conditions. Imposition of other conditions are for minimum periods of between one and four years, in respect of the current cohort of doctors. The register does not specify date of commencement. 

There were 26 doctors with conditions on registration as of 31 December 2014, according to the Council’s 2014 Annual Report. 

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