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  • The Dorsal View

    The head-wrecking dilemma of contact sports

    18 Apr 2016

    My eldest boy recently decided to give up playing rugby and I admit to a sneaky sense of relief. I’m not a hand-wringing ‘new’ parent and have no desire to wrap my little ones in cotton wool, but there is increasing evidence and opinion to suggest that there is a lack of awareness around concussive injuries, particularly in the amateur arena. As those of you who attended the 2016 IMO AGM will know, this was a hot topic at the meeting.

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  • The Dorsal View

    A watchful eye is needed on adolescent opioid use

    08 Apr 2016

    An interesting study was brought to my attention recently, which seems to show that medical misuse of opioids in adolescents does not necessarily come from a desire to ‘get high’, but rather is a desperate attempt at pain relief.

  • The Dorsal View

    Staying healthy — not too sad, not too happy?

    16 Mar 2016

    As we all know, patient communication is a vital part of providing healthcare in the most effective way possible. The media has its own important part to play in this regard and sometimes I actually feel sorry for people who read the health supplements or bite-sized health-related stories in newspapers, especially the ‘red-top’ tabloids.

  • The Dorsal View

    Nobody is immune to the stresses of being a single parent

    03 Mar 2016

    Anyone who has raised, or is raising, a child needs no confirmation of the stresses involved. But new research has emerged, which shows that co-parenting has an even bigger effect on the immune system than travellers’ gastroenteritis or the flu jab.

  • The Dorsal View

    Read all about it — media matters on reporting obesity studies

    18 Feb 2016

    The fight against obesity is a noble one but it has long been recognised that to have a chance of winning it, we need the public on board. However, an interesting piece of research on how the media influence perceptions on obesity throws new light on prejudices against overweight people and media coverage of the ‘battle of the bulge’.

  • The Dorsal View

    One doctor’s thanks to a Starman for all the Golden Years

    04 Feb 2016

    David Bowie’s passing was felt by all those with an appreciation for great music and rare talent. Only a handful of his closest friends knew of the illness he had been battling with quiet dignity for 18 months since his liver cancer diagnosis.

  • The Dorsal View

    Trump cards: Donald the ‘liberal’ healthcare candidate

    21 Jan 2016

    Over the Christmas period, after one-too-many slow and relaxing lunches, yours truly dozed-off in the armchair and had a dream that was quite surreal — Donald Trump was President of the US and Jeremy Corbyn was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

  • The Dorsal View

    Talkin’ about a resolution? We all want to change the world...

    07 Jan 2016

    Is it really that time again? Clinics and GP surgeries will see a steady trickle of patients over the next couple of months, all looking for a leg-up with their well-intentioned resolutions. Brace yourself for demands for everything from nicotine replacement therapy to weight-loss advice.

  • The Dorsal View

    Are doctors the ones they don’t want in a ‘secret Santa’?

    17 Dec 2015

    Are doctors really so hard to buy gifts for? Of course, it’s the thought that counts and the vast majority of us wouldn’t be churlish if we were to receive a Christmas gift that doesn’t exactly blow us away.

  • The Dorsal View

    Crunching the numbers on food consumption

    03 Dec 2015

    As if we didn’t already know, the battle to halt the seemingly overwhelming march of the obesity epidemic is not a simple thing. Increasingly, physicians need to take a holistic approach to the prevention of over-eating and a few new studies reinforce the fact that there’s a need for people to take a gestalt approach to controlling their calorie intake.

  • The Dorsal View

    Sonny side up — the All Blacks are alright

    19 Nov 2015

    With all due apologies to any readers who may not care for ‘the gentleman’s game’, what a wonderful Rugby World Cup we were treated to.

  • The Dorsal View

    Spice of life and currying favour with the voters

    05 Nov 2015

    The refugee crisis may be the tipping-point that drives Britain to leave the EU, but one UK MP has a far more Saturday-night related reason for weighing-in on what is being dubbed the ‘Brexit debate’.

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