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    A breath of fresh air in cystic fibrosis research

    27 Apr 2017

    Four-year-old Alfie Dardis from Stepaside, Dublin, was on hand with Prof Paul McNally, RCSI Associate Professor of Paediatrics and Consultant in Paediatric Respiratory and Sleep Medicine, to help announce the first national paediatric cystic fibrosis (CF) research programme in Ireland between the RCSI and the National Children’s Research Centre (NCRC). This will be a ?1.1 million research programme, which will run for five years and will focus entirely on children with CF.

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    Presidential entrance for new IMO chief

    26 Apr 2017

    New IMO President Dr Ann Hogan pictured at the Organisation’s AGM in Galway last weekend, where she made her inaugural speech as President. Dr Hogan spoke of the growing morale crisis among doctors, the way in which younger colleagues actively plan for emigration and of a working environment in the health services that is “literally making doctors sick”, as well as failing patients. She also spoke on growing “anti-expert bias” and the “insidious campaigning” against the HPV vaccine, which has directly impacted on uptake levels for this vital cancer-preventing vaccine. See full conference coverage on pages 4-9

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    Getting a handle on the history of the doctor’s bag

    17 Apr 2017

    The Heritage Centre at the RCPI has opened a new exhibition, titled ‘Out of the Doctor’s Bag’. The exhibition runs until the end of the year and explores the development of the doctor’s bag and its contents over the past 200 years. The exhibition also includes a lancet that was famously used by Irish surgeon Mr Barry O’Meara to bleed Napoleon. It was by way of their meeting that Napoleon’s toothbrush arrived at the RCPI, having been gifted to Mr O’Meara by the Emperor. Pictured are Prof Frank Murray, President, RCPI; Ms Harriet Wheelock, Keeper of Collections, RCPI; Dr Monica McWeeney, Retired GPs Group; Dr Gerry Cummins, President, ICGP; and Dr Henry Jack, Retired GPs Group, with his doctor’s bag.

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    Priceless gift: Ireland marks Organ Donor Awareness Week

    06 Apr 2017

    Pictured are Ms Cliona Marley from Donegal (right), who underwent a heart transplant in the summer of 2014, with her mother Joan at the launch of Organ Donor Awareness Week 2017, taking place from 1 to 8 April. The key focus of Organ Donor Awareness Week is to continue reminding the Irish public to have the important family discussion about their wishes regarding deceased organ donation. In 2016, there were some 77 deceased organ donors and 50 living kidney donors, resulting in 280 organ transplants. There are approximately 600 people in Ireland awaiting life-saving heart, lung, liver, kidney and pancreas transplants.

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    Delivering a life-saving message: vaccinate against HPV

    27 Mar 2017

    Pictured L-R are Dr Karina Butler with Minister of State for Health Promotion, Marcella Corcoran-Kennedy TD; and Master of the National Maternity Hospital Dr Rhona Mahony, at the Royal College of Physicians, Kildare Street, Dublin. As the schedule of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccination begins again in schools, the RCPI is urging parents to ensure their daughters are vaccinated against the risk that they will develop cervical cancer in later life. This call to parents follows a 15 per cent fall in uptake of the HPV vaccine for girls in 2015/2016. In September 2016, only 50 per cent of adolescent girls started the recommended vaccine series. Dr Butler, Chair of the National Immunisation Advisory Committee, commented: “We encourage all healthcare providers to be advocates for cancer prevention by making strong recommendations for childhood HPV vaccination.”

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    All in hand at UL Teddy Bear Hospital

    16 Mar 2017

    Pictured is Ja Jei of Scoil Eoin Naofa at the fifth annual University of Limerick (UL) Teddy Bear Hospital held on 8 March last. Approximately 500 children from across Limerick recently attended the event, which was hosted by medical students from UL’s Graduate Entry Medical School (GEMS). The Teddy Bear Hospital provides primary school students with the opportunity to interact with medical students in a safe and fun environment, while learning more about medicine.

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    Making the cut at Mercy Hospital Foundation birthday

    06 Mar 2017

    Pictured are Ms Edel O’Neill, CNM2, two-and-a-half year-old Shay Weasley, Cobh, and Mr Mícheál Sheridan, CEO of the Mercy Hospital Foundation, Cork, as the Foundation celebrated its 10th birthday last week with a special event in Cork. The celebration was organised to recognise and acknowledge the many people who have helped the charity support advancements in research, diagnosis, treatments and care of patients since its establishment in February 2007. In 2015 alone, more than €793,900 worth of equipment and services was provided to the Mercy, raised through the generosity of the public by means of events, appeals and partnerships.

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    Putting their heads together for cancer research

    23 Feb 2017

    Pictured L to R at the announcement of a research collaboration between the RCSI and biopharmaceutical company Almac Discovery to target therapy-resistant cancer tumours are Dr Graham Cotton, Senior R&D Group Leader, Almac Discovery; Prof Tracy Robson, Head of Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics, RCSI; and Prof Tim Harrison, Vice President, Discovery Chemistry, Almac Discovery. The project will explore the potential of a drug, based on initial research by RCSI’s Prof Robson and developed by Almac Discovery, which is currently undergoing a phase 1 dose escalation trial for patients with solid tumours. It is expected that the trial will be expanded in a biomarker-selected patient population within ovarian cancer, however the drug, ALM201, has the potential to treat a range of other cancers.

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    Doctors in the House

    Bobby Studio | 09 Feb 2017

    Pictured last week outside Leinster House are ICGP National Director of GP Training Dr Karena Hanley and ICGP Director of the Postgraduate Resource Centre Dr Brendan O’Shea, where they informed the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Health about the need to address the crisis in recruitment and retention of GPs. The situation could be solved by delivering a new GP contract in 2017 through supports for emerging graduates and more flexible working conditions, they outlined. The College highlighted recent research predicting shortages of over 1,000 doctors in general practice in the next 10 years. Currently, 36 per cent of GPs are aged over 55 years and 16 per cent of new GP graduates emigrate immediately on completion of training. See news story on p3 for the latest on GMS recruitment problems.

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    Mindo Cartoon - 9 February 2017

    09 Feb 2017

    I just have this feeling of........

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    Sleeves rolled-up for heart failure treatment

    26 Jan 2017

    An innovative soft robotic sleeve that can help a heart to beat has been developed by researchers, including biomedical engineer Dr Ellen Roche of the National University of Ireland, Galway. Dr Roche is pictured at the university, where she is now a postdoctoral researcher. The soft robotic sleeve wraps around the organ, twisting and compressing in synch with the beating heart, potentially opening new treatment options for people suffering from heart failure. The research has been published in the journal Science Translational Medicine. Dr Roche is the paper’s first author and former PhD student at the Harvard John A Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and The Wyss Institute of Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University. The research took place at Harvard and at Boston Children’s Hospital. While ventricular assist devices are already used to sustain end-stage heart failure patients awaiting transplant, they extend lives albeit at a high risk due to the number of complications that can occur due to their design.

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    Providing a Safetynet for vulnerable patients

    26 Jan 2017

    Dr Fiona O’Reilly, General Manager, Safetynet Primary Care, receiving a cheque from IHCA President Dr Tom Ryan on behalf of the Association. The charitable donation will be used for the provision of primary healthcare to homeless people in Ireland. Safetynet Primary Care delivers free healthcare to people who are homeless in Dublin, Cork and Galway.

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