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    The cutting edge in eHealth

    Paul Mulholland | 16 Nov 2017

    Paul Mulholland reports on the recent HSE Innovation Showcase, which displayed the latest in eHealth innovations nationally and internationally

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    Examining the growing body of evidence on foetal growth

    Dr Brendan McDonnell | 16 Nov 2017

    Dr Brendan McDonnell, Bernard Stuart Fellow in Perinatal Ultrasound, Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital, provides an overview of a major international conference on foetal growth, which took place in Cork recently

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    The battle for Obamacare

    Bette Browne | 07 Nov 2017

    US President Donald Trump’s latest failed efforts to repeal Obamacare have dramatically backfired, sparking support for proposals aimed at ultimately paving the way for government-supported universal healthcare for all Americans. Bette Browne reports

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    Bethlem and bedlam

    27 Oct 2017

    Bedlam, a scene of noisy confusion, is derived from the St Mary of Bethlehem lunatic asylum in London, founded in 1247. Its name was abbreviated later to Bethlem. Bethlem is central to Mike Jay’s sumptuously illustrated text on madness, madhouses, lunatic asylums and mental hospitals. It contains a panophy of psychiatric photographs, a veritable cornucopia for psychiatric trainees and lecturers.

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    Trail-blazers: Inspirational Irish women in medicine

    Niamh Cahill | 26 Oct 2017

    This year’s RCPI St Luke’s Symposium Heritage Day shone a spotlight on women in medicine. Niamh Cahill reports

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    The coming of HIQA: Getting general practice ahead of the game

    Catherine Reilly | 26 Oct 2017

    Former HIQA board member, GP Dr David Molony, believes general practice needs to set its own standards before they are imposed on the specialty by outsiders. Catherine Reilly reports

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    A medical lesson from history

    David Lynch | 26 Oct 2017

    The dark history of the Holocaust raises many ethical questions and lessons for those working in contemporary medicine, according to experts in the area. David Lynch reports

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    Alternate nostril breathing trumps stress by a nose

    Bette Browne | 26 Oct 2017

    Hillary Clinton used alternate nostril breathing to counter the anguish of a lost election. Bette Browne looks at research on the technique and other coping skills

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    CRPS Cork 2017: International Association for the Study of Pain

    26 Oct 2017

    CRPS Cork 2017: International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) Special Interest Group (SIG) on Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

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    A taxing ordeal for NCHDs

    Niamh Cahill | 16 Oct 2017

    Niamh Cahill investigates how emergency tax, errors in pay cheques and contractual incongruities are leaving the HSE’s NCHDs underpaid and frustrated

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    ‘We need to reform the regulator’

    Paul Mulholland | 16 Oct 2017

    Paul Mulholland reports on a recent medical regulation conference, where the Medical Council’s fitness to practise procedures came under fierce criticism from speakers

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    A reference text for the evolving practice of CXL

    16 Oct 2017

    Corneal collagen cross linking (CXL) is a relatively recent advance in ophthalmology, which has been shown to strengthen the biomechanical properties of the pathologically-thinning (ectasia) of the cornea. Since its first reported use some 15 years ago, it has revolutionised treatment of keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration and post-refractive surgery ectasia by offering a treatment for corneal ectatic conditions that previously may have required corneal transplant. This timely book, edited by renowned Irish ophthalmologist Mr Arthur Cummings, describes the state of play of CXL treatment and acts as a reference text for the current and evolving practice of CXL.

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