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    Overtime payments for NCHDs under attack

    Paul Mulholland | 25 Jan 2018

    Paul Mulholland reports on recent disputes on overtime payments for NCHDs

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    2017: The year that was

    Paul Mulholland | 21 Dec 2017

    Paul Mulholland selects some of the major stories reported in the Medical Independent this year and the notable occurrences in the health service

  • News Analysis

    Doctors and the Eighth Amendment

    David Lynch | 21 Dec 2017

    With a referendum planned on abortion next year, David Lynch tests the stance of medical bodies and delves into some medical evidence from the recent Oireachtas committee

  • News Analysis

    GMS talks- going nowhere fast?

    Niamh Cahill And Priscilla Lynch | 07 Dec 2017

    Fifty years ago GPs were negotiating the first GMS contract, and its long-awaited successor appears mired in a protracted and frustrating process. Niamh Cahill and Priscilla Lynch report

  • News Analysis

    A better future for primary care?

    Priscilla Lynch | 27 Nov 2017

    Priscilla Lynch highlights the key points in a major new report on primary care in Ireland and the reaction from the GP community and Minister for Health Simon Harris

  • News Analysis

    Stress and burnout rife among Irish interns

    Priscilla Lynch | 07 Nov 2017

    Priscilla Lynch reports on a new Irish study showing high levels of stress and burnout among Irish hospital interns, with over half planning to leave Ireland due to their experiences

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    The flight of Ireland’s young consultants

    David Lynch | 07 Nov 2017

    The departure of young doctors from Ireland and their reluctance to return was a major topic at the recent IHCA Annual Conference. David Lynch reports

  • News Analysis

    IHCA 2017 Annual Conference Preview

    David Lynch | 05 Oct 2017

    As the IHCA prepares to meet in Limerick for its 29th Annual Conference this weekend, David Lynch previews the key healthcare issues that will occupy delegates

  • News Analysis

    IHCA 2017 Annual Conference Preview

    Minister For Health Simon Harris | 05 Oct 2017

    In an exclusive article for the Medical Independent in advance of his address to the IHCA 2017 AGM, Minister for Health Simon Harris highlights key changes being made to improve health services

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    IHCA 2017 Annual Conference Preview

    Ihca Secretary General Mr Martin Varley | 05 Oct 2017

    IHCA Secretary General Mr Martin Varley discusses the key business of the Association during the last year and ongoing challenges for Ireland’s consultant workforce

  • News Analysis

    IHCA 2017 Annual Conference Preview

    Ihca President Dr Tom Ryan | 05 Oct 2017

    IHCA President Dr Tom Ryan outlines the major healthcare challenges in Ireland that need to be resolved as a priority

  • News Analysis

    Dodging the medicines bill

    Niamh Cahill | 25 Sep 2017

    As HSE spending on ‘high-tech’ drugs continues to soar, Niamh Cahill investigates reports of an emerging practice whereby hospitals are encouraging inpatients to access expensive medications in the community instead of through hospital pharmacies

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