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    Unlocking treatment access for hepatitis C patients

    Priscilla Lynch And Catherine Reilly | 16 Nov 2017

    Priscilla Lynch and Catherine Reilly document the barriers to rollout of curative direct-acting antivirals (DAAs) for hepatitis C and investigate why treatment access was abruptly suspended this summer by the HSE’s National Hepatitis C Treatment Programme

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    Ireland facing up to critical fight on CPE

    Catherine Reilly | 07 Nov 2017

    Currently the focus of a public health emergency, the spread of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae in Irish healthcare requires a sustained effort to prevent an endemic problem. Catherine Reilly reports on recent developments

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    Putting a price on mental health

    Paul Mulholland | 26 Oct 2017

    Paul Mulholland examines capital funding of mental health services since the turn of the decade and how much the sale of old psychiatric assets contributed to the development of new buildings

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    Paying the price for failing to implement the EWTD

    Paul Mulholland | 06 Apr 2017

    Paul Mulholland examines new figures showing the extent of hospital compliance with the European Working Time Directive

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    Ireland at CRE crisis point

    Catherine Reilly | 27 Mar 2017

    Clinicians warn that urgent action is required to ensure that carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) do not become endemic in the Irish health system. Catherine Reilly reports

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    The dark side of the web

    David Lynch | 22 Dec 2016

    Despite its many benefits, the Internet can facilitate addiction and public scepticism towards medical science. David Lynch takes a closer look

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    Irish medicine and the House of Saud

    Catherine Reilly | 08 Dec 2016

    The activities of Irish postgraduate training bodies in countries with poor human rights records, notably Saudi Arabia, are prompting questions within the medical profession. Catherine Reilly reports

  • Investigations

    An ongoing national emergency

    Paul Mulholland | 25 Nov 2016

    Paul Mulholland examines what progress has been made in addressing the trolley crisis and implementing the Emergency Department Taskforce Report 2015.

  • Investigations

    Shining a light on Ireland’s drug habits

    Catherine Reilly | 16 Nov 2016

    Catherine Reilly looks at some of the latest trends in drug abuse in Ireland, including growing concerns over abuse of an anti-convulsant prescription drug

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    Return of the NTPF

    Paul Mulholland | 05 Sep 2016

    As the NTPF returns to its original role of purchasing care for public patients in the private sector, Paul Mulholland examines its highs and lows and asks will it provide anything more than a short-term solution to the growing waiting list problem?

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    Fast food nation

    Catherine Reilly | 25 Aug 2016

    A national, joined-up approach is required and planning regulations need to be tighter to prevent proliferation of fast-food outlets and inappropriate locating, say health campaigners. Catherine Reilly reports

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    Jockeying in the race for health

    Catherine Reilly | 11 Aug 2016

    The unique demands of elite horse racing — notably weight-making — can have detrimental effects on jockeys’ physical and mental health. Catherine Reilly reports on reforms being pursued by health and sports science professionals

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