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    The ever-evolving role of CORU

    Catherine Reilly | 23 Feb 2017

    Ms Ginny Hanrahan, CEO/Registrar of the health and social care professions’ regulator CORU, speaks to Catherine Reilly about its expansive work programme, challenges posed by growth and potential collaborations with other healthcare regulators

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    Gauging the manager’s perspective

    Niamh Cahill | 09 Feb 2017

    CEO of the Cork University Hospital Group Mr Tony McNamara speaks to Niamh Cahill about blogging, the trolley crisis and efficiencies in healthcare

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    We are the champions

    Paul Mulholland | 26 Jan 2017

    Paul Mulholland talks to Ms Alyson McGregor, Director of UK organisation Altogether Better, about the concept of GP practice ‘health champions’ and how it can change healthcare

  • Interviews

    On the frontline in the battle against severe asthma

    Paul Mulholland | 12 Jan 2017

    UK respiratory consultant Prof Peter Howarth speaks to Paul Mulholland about the diagnosis of asthma and challenges in treating the severe form of the disease

  • Interviews

    Emergency measures in the public interest

    James Fogarty | 07 Nov 2016

    James Fogarty interviews Prof Patrick Plunkett about his long and distinguished career in emergency medicine and the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of Irish healthcare

  • Interviews

    It’s in the blood

    Paul Mulholland | 06 Oct 2016

    Paul Mulholland speaks to Consultant Haematologist Prof Elisabeth Vandenberghe about improving care for patients in Ireland with blood cancer

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    It’s all about trust

    David Lynch | 26 Sep 2016

    Ahead of the 2016 IHCA Annual Conference in Kilkenny next week, David Lynch sits down with new IHCA President Dr Tom Ryan to talk cutbacks, recruitment and investment

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    What’s in a name?

    Paul Mulholland | 15 Sep 2016

    Paul Mulholland speaks to Cancer Trials Ireland Clinical Lead Dr Bryan Hennessy about cancer research in Ireland and making patients more aware of clinical trials

  • Interviews

    No country for GPs

    Priscilla Lynch | 05 Sep 2016

    Kildare/Meath GP Dr Pierce Molony talks to Priscilla Lynch about his decision to retire from a busy practice and failing to finding a successor

  • Interviews

    One Irish GP’s road to Rio

    June Shannon | 25 Aug 2016

    June Shannon talks to Dublin GP Dr Austin O’Carroll about his forthcoming trip to compete in the Paralympic Games in Rio

  • Interviews

    The ethics of fertility

    Catherine Reilly | 11 Aug 2016

    Dr John Waterstone, Medical Director of the Cork Fertility Centre, tells Catherine Reilly about the challenges facing fertility services and the urgent need for regulation

  • Interviews

    Suffering and hope in the GP surgery

    David Lynch | 21 Jul 2016

    How do under-pressure GPs generate hope for their patients and themselves? David Lynch spoke to Prof Chris Dowrick about the challenges facing general practice

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