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  • Editorial

    Inconvenient truths

    Priscilla Lynch | 07 Dec 2017

    The recent RTÉ Primetime Investigates documentary on the work practices of some consultants and excess private treatment in public hospitals made for sobering viewing.

  • Guest Columnist

    How to be happy

    Prof Brendan Kelly | 07 Dec 2017

    There are many factors that influence happiness and research shows how we can increase our chances of being happy, writes Prof Brendan Kelly

  • Guest Columnist

    The diagnostic deficit

    Dr Michael Harty | 07 Dec 2017

    In the third article in his series on the challenges facing the health service, Dr Michael Harty, TD, highlights the impact of the lack of diagnostics in both primary care and out-of-hours in the acute sector

  • Dr Paul Heslin

    Slow and steady wins the race for fitness

    Dr Paul Heslin | 07 Dec 2017

    Dr Paul Heslin on the male tendency to overdo fitness efforts and ignore the body’s sensible advice

  • Dr Lucia Gannon

    Fragmented system, fragmented lives

    Dr Lucia Gannon | 07 Dec 2017

    Dr Lucia Gannon on the everyday reality caused by the inadequacies and unfairness of our fragmented health system

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  • Editorial

    The proof is in the pudding

    Priscilla Lynch | 27 Nov 2017

    It is no secret that general practice in Ireland is experiencing a serious manpower crisis and is severely underfunded.

  • Dr Pat Harrold

    From zero to hero

    Dr Pat Harrold | 27 Nov 2017

    Dr Pat Harrold on how people and our perception of them can change over time

  • Dr Christine O'Malley

    Piste off at spin

    Dr Christine O'Malley | 27 Nov 2017

    Dr Christine O’Malley on cutting through the ‘HiPE’ and unspinning health service codswallop

  • Guest Columnist

    Care for the few, not the many?

    Dr Amy Morgan | 27 Nov 2017

    Dr Amy Morgan was struck by a recent article on a new private antenatal service in south Dublin, which highlighted the pervasive private-public divide in Irish medicine

  • Guest Columnist

    How to be good

    Dr Sarah Fitzgibbon | 27 Nov 2017

    Getting a patient to tell their own story is still the best diagnostic test there is, writes Dr Sarah Fitzgibbon

  • Editorial

    The naming (shaming) game continues

    Priscilla Lynch | 16 Nov 2017

    Last week saw the commencement of the first public hearings under new teacher fitness to practise (FTP) legislation. While similar to Medical Council FTP legislation and inquiries, notably the teacher remained anonymous during the public hearing.

  • Guest Columnist

    The bed debacle

    Dr Michael Harty | 16 Nov 2017

    In the second article of his series on the challenges facing our health service, Dr Michael Harty highlights the impact of inadequate bed capacity in both the hospital and community sectors

  • Dr Lucia Gannon

    When being positive means saying ‘no’

    Dr Lucia Gannon | 16 Nov 2017

    We cannot stop the unreasonable demands on our time and energy but we can change how we respond to those demands in the hope of altering the behaviour, writes Dr Lucia Gannon

  • George Winter

    Minding the mind

    George Winter | 16 Nov 2017

    George Winter examines the evidence-base to date on the benefits of meditation

  • Editorial

    Spin when you’re winning?

    Priscilla Lynch | 07 Nov 2017

    There has been plenty of good news in recent weeks for our health service, according to the busy PR units within the Department, HSE and indeed the Taoiseach’s office.

  • Guest Columnist

    Digital medicine: Hype or hope?

    Dr Paddy Barrett | 07 Nov 2017

    Dr Paddy Barrett, who spoke at the recent RCPI St Luke’s Symposium on digital medicine, addresses the fear of machines replacing clinicians and the benefits of medical technology

  • Dr Paul Heslin

    Risky business

    Dr Paul Heslin | 07 Nov 2017

    Dr Paul Heslin ponders what constitutes acceptable risk and living one day at a time

  • Guest Columnist

    Psychiatry, Berlin and Aktion T4

    Prof Brendan Kelly | 07 Nov 2017

    There is no room for complacency; the mentally ill are especially vulnerable to changes in social and political arrangements, writes Prof Brendan Kelly

  • Dr Christine O'Malley

    Going with the flow

    Dr Christine O'Malley | 27 Oct 2017

    Dr Christine O’Malley on her annual pilgrimage to the Dromineer Literary Festival and the connections it inspired

  • Editorial

    Women in medicine

    Priscilla Lynch | 26 Oct 2017

    Last week, Prof Mary Horgan made history when she became the first woman President of the RCPI in its 363-year history, following in the footsteps of 141 male predecessors.

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