Getting a handle on the history of the doctor’s bag

17 Apr 2017 | 0 Comment(s)

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The Heritage Centre at the RCPI has opened a new exhibition, titled ‘Out of the Doctor’s Bag’. The exhibition runs until the end of the year and explores the development of the doctor’s bag and its contents over the past 200 years. The exhibition also includes a lancet that was famously used by Irish surgeon Mr Barry O’Meara to bleed Napoleon. It was by way of their meeting that Napoleon’s toothbrush arrived at the RCPI, having been gifted to Mr O’Meara by the Emperor. Pictured are Prof Frank Murray, President, RCPI; Ms Harriet Wheelock, Keeper of Collections, RCPI; Dr Monica McWeeney, Retired GPs Group; Dr Gerry Cummins, President, ICGP; and Dr Henry Jack, Retired GPs Group, with his doctor’s bag.

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