Future of Healthcare Committee note primary care “consensus”

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A reorientation of the health service towards primary care is one of the “significant areas of consensus” the Committee on the Future of Healthcare has noted in its second interim report.

The Committee reports that it has received 150 written submissions and that a “broad consensus on the central role of primary care in managing the vast majority of care, including chronic disease,” is one of the clear points of general agreement.

Other points of general agreement include “a particular need for integrated care.”

The Committee is charged with agreeing an all-party 10-year plan for the future of health care.

Originally it was meant to complete its final report this month, however it sought and was granted an extension until 28 April.

Although the new interim report points to areas of general agreement it also notes significant challenges remain ahead.

“The work has indicated some areas of strong consensus, while there are also complex issues to be determined and challenges for which there are no obvious solutions,” the report concludes.

To date the Committee has held 15 formal meetings – both in public and private - and has heard from 20 groups, experts and individuals. In total, it has received more than 150 submissions.

Chair of the Committee, Deputy Roisin Shortall, said, “We recognise that there are complex issues involved in devising a long-term strategy for a universal single-tier health service in this country.

“Therefore, it was important that the committee sought submission and heard from a wide variety of interested representative bodies, individuals and groupings.”

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